21:03…IS IT A WRAP?

1 member change, 3 CD’s, 1 Stellar win and Grammy nods…could it all be coming to an end? PAJAM’s hand-picked Gospel boy band…over??

Well apparently, the group we’ve come to know as 21:03, (pictured L to R: Jor’el, Torrence and Evin) has already been downsized to a duo, with member Jor’el Quinn calling it quits, for reasons unknown at present time. Quinn has been noticeably absent from several of their performances in the last several months, which has led to much speculation. Not to mention their last album, Evolved: Boys to Men, released in September of 2011, made much less of an impact than their previous two releases.

Most recently, member Evin Amiri has released 2 mixtapes, A Prelude to Freedom Music and Freedom Music, with no mention of 21:03.

In my opinion, I really don’t want to see them continue on as a duo, so I say find a new member or maybe it’s time to move on.

Whatever route they choose to go in, they are all very talented singer/songwriters, so I hope they land on their feet doing something they love!

I’ll keep you posted as this story unfolds.