The last name Nevels may look familiar to you for a reason. And a good reason it is. April Nevels is a member of one of the most high energy, show stopping, hair flipping, jaw dropping, sister quartets in the Gospel industry, The Nevels Sisters! They will literally sing you under the pews and through the concrete until you’re buried and lifeless!! LOL No seriously!

After listening to April Nevels debut CD “Krazy Praize,” I realized that sometimes you gotta step out on your own for people to appreciate how good you are. But a word of caution, this isn’t the case for every artist!! Lol But it’s definitely true in this situation. Nevels departs from her sisters just long enough to deliver one of the best Urban Contemporary Gospel CD’s that I’ve heard all year by a male or female.

“Krazy Praize” opens with the infectious first single, which also happens to be the title track to the album.  This song goes down as a winner in my book because once you hear that hook about two times; you’re singing it all day long without even knowing it! “Everybody’s got a right to praise. Even if you don’t know what to say. Jump shout, move, give a crazy praise. Holla! Holla!” The hard-hitting urban vibrations continue with “Forgive Me” and “Just Say No.” When an album starts off this good, you’re praying it doesn’t take a turn downward!

Next up Nevels experiments with the urban, acoustic guitar, rock track “Kisses From Heaven.” LOVE THIS SONG!! Did I mention that I LOVE this song!! April’s gritty, raspy vocals, laced over the rock edge of this track are incredible!! Without losing any momentum, the album slows down to give us the most heart felt ballad and the second single, “Jesus You Are.” The subtly of this song is what makes it so beautiful and takes you into a place of worship and reflection as Nevels appears most vulnerable.

The sequencing of this album made this project an enjoyable experience. After each song you’re wondering what’s she got for me next!? And songs like “Everlasting Love,” the churchy standard “By and By,” “Praise Up,” and “Double Click” kept me interested all the way through.

“Krazy Praize” even threw me two big surprises with one of my other favorites “Work Your Faith” featuring Lowell Pye. I would have never thought to put these two together, but trust me when I say this buoyant, toe-tapping, groove fits them perfectly! The album closes with “Don’t Fret” featuring her daughter Courtney Wade and her vocal prowess blew me away. I don’t know how old she is, but I can tell she is going to give her mommy a run for her money! All I can say is watch out! Plus she penned the tune! That’s talent!

As you can probably tell I’m REALLY feeling “Krazy Praize” from beginning to end. My biggest critique is that there has been no promotion for this project, which means no one knows about it, which means no one is buying it, which means most are missing out on a great project. This gets NO CRICKETS from me so it’s all systems go for you to get April Nevels“Krazy Praize!”