For 2010 I think I may change the title of this section to “CRICKETS” instead of “WHEN THE MUSIC STOPS.”Wait a minute, I can’t do that because CRICKETS doesn’t necessarily mean something is bad, it may also mean that we just haven’t heard a peep from that artist in a goooooooooodddddddddd minute!

Well our latest journey to “Cricketville” leads us to a group that released their debut CD in 2006 entitled “All About You.” Bobby Perry & R.A.I.N (Royal Agents Influencing Nations) WHEWWWWWW I’m never typing that part of their name out again…that is just too incredibly long!! Jesus please take the wheel because I need serious help! (lol)

Well I think I’m just about done with Bobby Perry & R.A.I.N. because I really don’t know much about this group that would ignite a major spark. They are from Boston, their lead single was called “Right There” and I knew a member of the group! I think I just about covered it all. Oops, I forgot something…yep you guessed it,CRICKETS! (lol) I kind of would like to check the album to see how it sounds to be honest. If anybody has itHOLLA AT YOUR BOY and send me a copy!