Carlton Pearson, the Senior Pastor of the Christ Universal Temple, in Chicago, IL, resigned from his position right at the start of the New Year.

According to Pearson, he felt the churches NEW THOUGHT philosophy conflicted with his teachings.

The 3,000-member congregation are taught how to think, rather than what to think. Pearson’s resignation came as no surprise to some who were regular attendees. Some felt Carlton Pearson was too radical on some things and too liberal on others.

In recent news, Pearson was criticized for being to lenient on his stance about homosexuality when the Bishop Eddie Long scandal was brought to the forefront. He said, “Until the Church — the Church, black or otherwise — confronts — not combats — confronts this issue of human sexuality and homosexuality, which is not going away. Homosexuals and homosexuality is not going away. If every gay person in our church just left or those who have an orientation or preference or an inclination, or a fantasy, if everyone left, we wouldn’t have — we wouldn’t have a church.”