1. Aren’t we happy the dread season is coming to an end!?! Visible hairlines are important!
  2. How come Elder Goldwire McClendon is on the “Top 10 to Watch” for 2011 in the Gospel Industry Round-Up??! There’s nothing to watch! I haven’t seen him since the show ended!
  3. When is BET going to get some new Sunday morning programming!?! OVERIT.COM
  4. Gospel artists…haven’t we learned ANYTHING from the secular world. Going solo just doesn’t work when you’re known for being in a group. SMH!!
  5. What happened to that white girl from the first season of Sunday Best!??! Anyone, ANYONE!??! I think her name was Emily. Actually what happened to all of them from the first season…including the runner up and winner!
  6. Doesn’t it seem like the men in the Gospel industry, executives and producers included, are getting bigger and the women are getting smaller?!
  7. So Dorinda Clark Cole has a jewelry line now?!?! Really??! SERIOUSLY? And I saw something for almost $600? REALLY?!?! SERIOUSLY??!
  8. Is it just me or does Kirk Franklin’s new song “I Am” sound REAL similar to “Hero” especially on the bridge!! If you don’t believe me go listen.
  9. Whose next on the mixtape front?!?! Is anyone releasing real CD’s these days?!!?
  10. Since Lecrae is selling all these units does that mean a whole slew of Christian Hip Hop artists are going to surface?
  11. Kim Burrell’s new CD cover for “The Love Album” is a little campy, but I like it!! Now everybody can stop asking me what I think of it!!