Two albums and that was it!!! If my memory serves me right, I never even purchased their first CD “Worth the Wait”, but I was definitely aware of who Futrel was. In the late 80’s, there weren’t many contemporary gospel female groups, if any at that time. I think everyone really took notice of Futrel as the release of “Declarations” hit the airwaves. They turned into the gospel En Vogue overnight. Their second release was on point! I think someone actually spent a little change. The CD cover was hot, the production was off the chain, the vocals were on point and the songs were good! They had everything needed to definitely warrant a third release. But that didn’t happen. After “Declarations” they basically vanished. So Futrel, if you’re out there….HOLLA ATCHA BOY!!!! By the way, if any of you readers haven’t heard of them, definitely try and track down ”Declarations”! I still pump it on my ipod!