Check her official government documents and they will say Thomasina Atkins. Ask her family and friends and they will say oh that’s “GooGoo!”

Number 7 out of 9 siblings, GooGoo was never at a shortage for playmates. And speaking of siblings, she just happens to be the sister of one of the biggest Gospel duos in music, Mary Mary. Not only do they come from the same bloodline, they also work together.

Everytime Mary Mary steps out onstage you are looking at GooGoo’s work, as she holds the title of their primary stylist. I guess you could say when you critique Erica & Tina you are critiquing GooGoo too!

No longer satisfied with just being known as Mary Mary’s sister and stylist, GooGoo is moving front and center giving the world a glimpse of who she is as a stylist, an entrepreneur and a woman of God striving for excellence in every area of life!

Where did the name GooGoo come from?

GooGoo came from my cousin Dana. We are 2 months apart and we were always mistaken for twins as babies. He started calling me “GooGoo” and it just stuck.

When you dress Mary Mary who is the pickiest, Erica or Tina? And how do keep them looking like a duo, but still give them their own individual style?

Haaa…are you kidding me…Tina! But Erica can sock it to me sometimes on occasion.

It’s not really hard for me though to keep them looking like sisters. Their body types and personal likes and dislikes make it very easy to give them their own individuality.

Who is the best dressed male and female in Gospel?

The best-dressed male in Gospel is definitely Kirk Franklin. He’s not afraid to try different things and really steps outside the box with fashion.

The best-dressed female right now in Gospel is Vanessa Bell Armstrong. She has been looking incredible the last couple of years. She has kept her weight down and looks age appropriate, but still sassy with it.

When you are asked to dress an artist, how do you approach the styling process? Do you ever look back and say I got that wrong?

I think have a pretty good eye, so I know what types of clothing, fabrics and prints will look good on certain body types. I also do my homework on the person before I style them. That is very important. You can’t just come in and put something on a person without knowing anything about them.

And HECK yes I get it wrong sometimes. Fashion is subjective. But there are also times when there’s no question that it was just a bad move. You live, learn and move on.

What is your feeling on fashion in the Gospel industry?

“Gospel fashion” is often way over thought and therefore severely overdone. Many artists DEFINITELY need an upgrade or perhaps a stylist, as opposed to a willing cousin.

Where do you get your inspiration?

Beauty in its simplest form catches my eye. A lot of things in nature like flowers, the mountains, vibrant colors and anything just creative and artsy looking.

What are 3 essential pieces every man and woman should have in their wardrobe?

It’s pretty simple for both men and women. I think every woman should have a great pair of black pumps, a versatile black dress that can go from day to night and a pair of nice fitting jeans.

Men should have a good pair of jeans, a nice belt and some fresh Jordans!!

Do you ever worry that you will always be known as just Mary Mary’s sister?

I made up my mind early on that I would not be afraid to be more than just Erica & Tina’s sister. I have God given gifts and talents and I don’t want to disrespect those gifts by settling. They worked hard for their name and success, as will I.

What’s next for you?

Well I’m really excited because my new website launches on February 1st 2011 (! It’s going to be all things fashion from my perspective of course.  It’s going to speak to the everyday person who doesn’t speak fashion and sometimes gets intimidated about what to wear and how to make it work. In the very near future you can will be able to catch me on the radio and I will also be offering advice on the website I will give the female perspective on fashion, dating, men and everything in between. I am anxious about all the things the future holds. I’m ready for the ride!

Check GooGoo’s debut website coming February 1st, 2011 at