1. Don’t you wonder what the two former members of Virtue are doing now?
  2. Can you imagine what Witness would sound like today if they got with J. Moss, Asaph Ward or Warryn Campbell?
  3. Don’t you think Zie’l should hurry up and give us a new CD??
  4. What ever happened to PAJAM’s girl group Ramiyah?
  5. Why did Trin-i-tee 5:7 release a deluxe edition to that CD?!?!!?!?
  6. But don’t we love their new song “Get Away”??!!?
  7. Didn’t God’s Chosen KILL the game with their “Love Medley”?
  8. But weren’t you a bit skeptical about their release when you saw their CD cover?
  9. Come on EMI Gospel, is V3 ever going to release a new CD??
  10. Don’t you think these ladies should record a song together: Darlene McCoy, Sheri Moffett, Tarralyn Ramsey & Crystal Lewis. I just threw those names out there, but I like the idea!!!!!
  11. Does anybody remember NuJoi?