1. Am I the only who bought Fortitude’s 2004 debut release? It was really good!
  2. Don’t you think Take 6’s debut release when Mervyn Warren was still in the group is their best project?
  3. Don’t you want to hear a new male group re-do Commissioned’s “Ordinary Just Won’t Do” and kill it!!
  4. Isn’t “Feels Like Rain” your favorite Men of Standard CD?
  5. If Commissioned got back together and recorded a new album, who would get the most solos, Marvin or Fred?
  6. How do the members of 7 Sons of Soul make any money since they have to split it 7 ways???
  7. Don’t you just want to do a back flip for G.I. giving us a real video for their single “Get Up”!! Not something bootleg!
  8. Are the Soul Seekers ever going to do CD #2 or is Warryn Campbell just way too busy these days?
  9. Didn’t Winans Phase 2 do a bang up job on the BeeGees’ classic “Too Much Heaven”?
  10. Did anyone download 3x time Dove Award nominee New Harvest’s CD?