It’s been a short minute since our regularly scheduled program has been on the air, but it’s nothing for us to pick up right where we left off with our “Journey to Cricketville.”

Today we take a gander in the career of one time Gospel staple Helen Baylor. In the 90’s, Helen was a mainstay on the Gospel scene and released 6 relatively successful albums. Well I don’t really know how successful they were, but someone kept letting her put CD’s, so someone was buying them.

I remember my mom having at least 3 of her CD’s, but you know back in the day listening to Helen Baylor wasn’t exactly cool like Commissioned or Witness was if you were young. It was considered “old people’s” music. (lol) But the 1 release by Helen that sticks out for me is her very first release “Highly Recommended.” That CD had some amazing songs, “Can You Reach My Friend,” “Hunger for Holiness,” and “Lifting Up the Name of Jesus.” Now that I sit and think back on that CD, it’s definitely a classic.

Now apparently she released another CD in 2002, a live DVD in 2004 and even another solo project as recent as 2006?!!??! WHO KNEW!!!?? But after that it was pretty much…CRICKETS!

What’s even more surprising, I discovered Baylor released a book “No Greater Love: The Helen Baylor Story.” AGAIN… WHO KNEW?!?!?! According to a source close to me, a Helen Baylor movie is in talks!?!? REALLY?!?! WHO KNEW!?!? I know I keep saying WHO KNEW?!?! But I am genuinely shocked! LOL But, Helen Baylor does have a very torrid story of drug abuse, bad relationships and coming close to losing it all.

As of recent I hear she is divorced again and living somewhere in Las Vegas.

This “Journey to Cricketville” was actually more interesting than I thought it would be! Well until next time my friends….