More than a few artists dropped brand new projects this year. Some knocked it out the park, others landed somewhere in the middle and others…well you know how the saying goes…crickets. This is always a hot topic and debatable issue, either way it was an interesting year for music. So DaGospelTruth.com team got together and turned out the 2013 HITS & CRICKETS LIST! This list is in no particular order.



Donald Lawrence “Best For Last”

He is definitely laying the groundwork for a musical legacy that will last long after he’s gone! Not that we’re trying to get rid of him anytime soon! But Donald Lawrence is one of the few people in the Gospel industry who could bring together a who’s who of some of the best and brightest from Gospel, Christian and R&B and do it seamlessly! Despite the album not being a complete project of all new material, it doesn’t matter because of  the level of excellence throughout the entire project. It is  just amazing!


Tye Tribbett “Greater Than”


Once the proverbial dust has really settled, it’s hard to count out a musical genius that goes back to the artistry we fell in love with him from the start. Arguably one of the most dynamic, creative, introspective and God-centered CD’s of 2013, “Greater Than” was greater than most CD’s this year!


Tasha Cobbs “Grace”


Tasha Cobbs is proof that one single, solitary, gigantic song, a bit of grace and an authentic worship is one of many recipes for success.


United Tenors


The mastermind behind this ingenious idea was none other than the legendary Fred Hammond.   It makes sense why it worked putting this Gospel super group together. Admittedly, not a homerun initially, but after several listens you find the beautiful gems tucked away on this one!


The Greater Allen Cathedral



“Rev. Floyd Flake Presents The Worship Experience” Choir CD’s can be hit or miss, especially if you haven’t built a big following with your music. But, The Greater Allen Cathedral delivered a well executed CD with singable, easy songs, starting with the contemporary, lead single “Greater.”

Chris Jackson “No Pressure”



Singers/songwriters that work in both secular and Gospel, often times don’t get it right because they go too far left or too far right trying to prove that are enough of both worlds. But this celebrated writer who has written hits for Toni Braxton, Jacob Lattimore, The Isley Borthers and many others, stuck to his Urban/R&B roots and dropped one of the most hard hitting Gospel mixtapes in a long time.


Andy Mineo “Heroes For Sale”



Not exactly a brand new rapper in the game, but new to many, Andy Mineo made a significant mark this year selling a substantial amount of units with his sophomore project “Heroes for Sale.” This is what Mineo said about his latest project, which gives you just a glimpse of who is. “We make heroes out of a lot of things. We make heroes out of people. We believe ourselves to be greater than we really are. We make ourselves look like heroes to other people. What I really wanted to do is show the brokenness of the heroes that we create and the heroes that we try to be in order to show that there is ultimately only one great hero.”


Hezekiah Walker “AZUSA: The Next Generation”


When you’ve been around as long as Bishop Hezekiah Walker, the tendency is to inadvertently do what you’ve already done. And yes, Bishop did stick to the formula by releasing one of the most recognizable, communal and simple choir songs of the year with “Every Praise,” but managed to stay relevant and not monotonous.


Melody Laure “God Is In Control”


There are always a few independent artists that release projects that just get it right! Melody Laure got it right! There’s nothing more refreshing than an artist that doesn’t try to sound like anyone else or do what is “most popular,” but stays true to who they are and stays within that lane. You can’t lose when you go that route.  The title track “God Is In Control” is a standout song and will continue to be for a long time to come. KUDOS to Melody!


Deitrick Haddon “R.E.D.”


Definitely one of the most controversial and talked about artists of 2013;  the focus seemed to stray completely away from his music. But surprisingly Haddon’s concept album “R.E.D.” was focused, candid, innovative and for the most part enjoyable.  The CD is not without its flaws, but he must be applauded for making an interesting and overall fun listen!


Sean Tillery & Changed


“The Live Experience”  Being a new choir that’s relatively unknown can be a hard hill to climb, but the biggest battle is being able to sing and there is absolutely no denying this choir can SING! But it’s not solely about their vocals; they give you intricate musical and choral arrangements that many choirs leave out. Keep your eye out on Sean T. & Changed. They are the type to sneak up on you!


Dr. R.A. Vernon and “The Word” Church Praise Team “We’re Amazed”


I almost missed this CD until one of my team members brought it to my attention earlier this year. And I’m so happy I didn’t overlook this project, because it is a really good CD. I mean what is the sole reason you buy a CD, well yes sometimes it’s because you just love the artist but the other part is to hear good songs. And plain and simple, this CD is full of good songs!



Jonathan Nelson “Finish Strong”


Jonathan Nelson started off strong with the rhythmic, first single “Finish Strong (Strong Finish),” but when it came to the full project, much was to be desired. For an artist of his caliber you expect growth, progressiveness and newness. A lot of that was missing.


Lisa Page Brooks “Ready”



No question Brooks is one of the most distinct and best female singers in Gospel, but once again “Ready” left you wanting to take songs from other people’s albums saying, “OMG you know who killed this song…Lisa Page Brooks!” Hopefully one day she’ll get those songs.


Ruth La’Ontra “So Good”



This young singer has so much potential and with the right songs and right team to propel her in the right direction, she can be a real contender. But on her debut release, unfortunately, it just didn’t work.