1. What is the obsession with CoCo Brother & Joann Rosario?!?! THEY ARE THE MOST SEARCHED PEOPLE ON MY SITE! I gotta admit they do make a good-looking couple though!
  2. Even though they’re not together anymore, wouldn’t you love to hear a project from Walter and Tramaine Hawkins?!?!?!
  3. Who do you think spends more time in the mirror, Deitrick or Damita? They always look like they just stepped out of “Bloomingdales.”
  4. Angelo said Veronica is more beautiful today than when they first met!!! Ain’t love grand!?!?!?
  5. Can you imagine having Michael Brooks & Lisa Page Brooks as your parents? Commissioned and Witness all day everyday!!!!
  6. Umm was I the only who didn’t know Kim Burrell got a divorce until I watched “Lift Every Voice” on BET.
  7. Are Marvin & Vickie Winans still friends?
  8. Don’t you wonder how lavish Deleon’s life is?? I mean Gary Sheffield is literally worth MILLIONS!
  9. Don’t you want to hear another duet from Joey & Karima Kibble?? “Rainbow Maker” was such a pretty song!
  10. I wonder who is louder in the Clemons household?!?! Coko singing in the rafters or Big Mike bangin on the snare??? (LOL! I need help)