Not every artist can go by just one name, but Vadia happens to be one those artists that can!

I have been a fan of this young Gospel soul singer for a few years now and she’s finally dropping new music off her free mixtape available now!

Hailing from Northern California, a proud P.K., Vadia has been honing her skills as a singer/songwriter and musician for many years and all the hard work is paying off! The proof is what everyone is hearing now!

The first release from her mixtape is a funky, soul track called “Use Me Up,” that is refreshingly different and infectious all at the same time. Vadia exclaims on the new single, “I’m available to You. And if feels this good getting used…You just keep on using me…until You use me up!”

Everyday this week Vadia will drop a new track from the mixtape, so by Friday you should have the entire project!

Check out “Use Me Up” and if you’re feeling it, go download it! IT’S FREE!

1. 01 Use Me UP