I have to be honest, these days it’s hard to get super excited about new releases because you get inundated with so much new music, it’s hard to keep up with everyone. But I am especially excited about this new artist because she has played an integral role in! Nastasia Lambert has been a favorite of mine for many years now, hence why she’s the voice behind “DaGospelTruth Theme Song!”

Finally after a few delays and a few minor setbacks, Nastasia, affectionately known as “Staci”, has released her debut project “1983 Lohv Diary.” A native of Rockford, IL, which also birthed superstars like Michelle Williams of Destiny’s Child, Ann Nesby and super producer Big Jim Wright (Mariah Carey, Sounds of Blackness), Nastasia is more than ready to add her name to that impressive list with her new project.

On her 14-track debut, Lambert gives a personal musical journey of inspiration, grace, love and redemption. Recognized for her signature, deep, smoky tone, Lambert explained the meaning of the album title. “LOHV stands for Love On Hand Vessel and 1983 is the year I was born. The premise of the CD is to show Gods love to everyone regardless of where they are at in life and also how God has shown his love to me. I have songs that are love songs to God and other songs are love songs from God like the track “Calling All.” The song “Excited” is another favorite of mine because it just talks about being excited about the future and what God has in store for your life. Often times in life, the unknown can be scary, but when you have a relationship with God, not knowing what’s ahead can be a thrilling journey! Musically, it’s soulful, with a feel good, throwback 80’s vibe. I think there is something on there for every age.”

Check out the track “Destiny” taken from “1983 LOHV DIARY,” which is available for download now on iTunes led by the single “GoodMorning.”

Standout Tracks: “Excited,” “Destiny,” “Calling All,” “Make You Whole,” & “Here In This Place”