Every so often a new artist comes along that ignites some excitement into the mundane, and indie artist Quinese has done just that for us one her new release “ALL THINGS.”

We couldn’t find much information on this new up and comer, but what we do know is that she is a mother of 4 and has created a sound on her debut album that is different than anything we’ve heard in Gospel for many, many years. And it’s BEYOND refreshing!

Now for some of you, her sound may be a little too different for your ears that have been trained to like the “typical” Gospel sound. But for those of you who like a progressive sound, a relatable message, and a completely new lane of Gospel, we strongly encourage you to give Quinese a try.

We are dubbing her one of the new “cool kids” in Gospel because her sound is just that…it’s cool, it’s fun, a little quirky, revitalizing…it’s a mix of 90’s R&B, Pop, CCM, Urban, Indie Soul, a hint of Calypso, new age Praise & Worship, & Hip-Hop.

If any of you remember Sunny Hawkins’ only project “MORE OF YOU” released in the mid 2000’s, Quinese  picks up right where she left off!

And we couldn’t leave out her producer Yaahn Hunter, the production is stellar!!

Do yourself a favor and take a listen to Quinese!