St. Louis native, Rodney Douglas Jr., is one of the slew of new indie artists that are attempting to make a name for themselves on the Gospel scene.

Rodney recently signed with C-Note Entertainment and is working on his forthcoming EP scheduled to drop sometime this Summer. The first single, “God’s Love,” is a soaring, urban ballad, where Douglas passionately sings there is nothing like God’s love.

As Douglas promotes his new single, he shares his testimony of how an almost fatal situation changed is his life. On Halloween night in 2013, Rodney was mugged and pushed through a glass window and fell two stories. He was knocked unconscious when he hit the pavement. Thankfully he suffered no serious injuries and lives today to tell his story. It is now Rodney’s desire to touch even heart, inspire the mind, and stir the soul of every listener.

“God’s Love” is available for download on iTunes now. Check it out and leave your comments!