If you haven’t heard of his son’s you’ve definitely heard of their father, Ron Kenoly. Ron Kenoly has carved a niche for himself as one of the best selling praise and worship artists on the Christian market. Very smart man to have taken that route!! His son’s Ron. Jr. and Sam Kenoly shut the game down in the late 90’s with their contemporary Gospel urban classic debut “All the Way.” Yes I called it a classic because this CD was so tight that it still knocks today. And they did it all themselves through their own label. From my research the album sold extremely well with virtually no promotion and marketing. If you don’t have this CD go out and find it! You will have more than one song on repeat. Three years later they released their second CD “No Distance.” In my opinion, The Kenoly Brothers were the first artists that had the urban look and the music matched their sound, but still maintained a balance of not going to far to the left. I didn’t like the second CD nearly as much as the first. Not that it was bad; I just think the first one was so good it was difficult to duplicate anything close to the debut project. After the second CD they disappeared and then CRICKETS!Ron Kenoly Jr., also known as “Bingo,” has released a Hip Hop CD and they are both Praise & Worship leaders at different churches.