Picking up where we left off in our never ending quest to “Cricketville” we were just about to discover what happened to the last Gospel group when another group popped up unexpectedly on the journey. Well it wasn’t really that unexpected! (lol)

Kingdom was a choir that released two albums in the early 90’s “Amazing” and then their sophomore project “Serious.” I had both albums at the time on tape and now for the life of me I can’t find either of them. Kingdom’s first project had an incredible song called “Fully Committed” that I still love today. It definitely sounds dated, but you can find it on YouTube and it is still a beautiful song! After their second album“Serious” was released they fell off the scene and then CRICKETS! We never heard from Kingdom again.

Well folks that’s it for Kingdom. I really have no idea where they were from and names of any of the members because I can’t find either of my tapes. Well you guys know what to do if you have any information on them. HOLLA ATCHA YOUR BOY!!