DON’T START! I already know what you’re going to say because I’m going to say it too. CRICKETS! If you’re asking,”Who IS SHE?????

Kristy is another casualty in the world of reality singing competitions. Honestly, I don’t know that much about her either, but I did have her CD at one time before I sold it on eBay. My friend gave it to me when he was working at Berean Christian Bookstore?!?! (Are they still in business?!?!) Sorry I digressed. Kristy’s claim to fame peaked when she came in second place on “The Today Show’s” singing competition “Today’s Superstar.” You probably don’t remember that contest either! I actually do, vaguely. I wonder what the winner is doing??!

Anyway, winning second place turned out to be not such a bad deal for the unknown blonde Christian. In April of 2003, Kristy released her self-titled debut on Warner Bros. Records produced by the renowned David Foster. It appears that her album had a mediocre amount of buzz and success, but nothing major. Traditionally, as the story goes we really haven’t heard much of anything from Kristy since. CRICKETS!! I really don’t know that much about her to feel a loss, but I’m sure she’s a nice person. Kristy if you’re out there, give me a buzz or an S.O.S!!