It appears that things are going from bad to worse at the once thriving label, Music World Gospel, run by executive, Mathew Knowles.

Earlier today, Music World Gospel recording artist and Season 4 Sunday Best winner, Amber Bullock, took to Instagram to voice her frustrations about Mathew Knowles and made it very clear that she is not happy and wants OUT of her contract!

The twenty something, raspy alto, wowed audiences with her exemplary vocal prowess and God given anointing, that made her a fan favorite and the one to beat! After winning the show, in December of 2011, Bullock released her debut album “Thank You” selling almost 50k copies, which is no small feat for a new artist in Gospel music. Then less than a year later, Bullock released her sophomore project “So In Love,” produced by chart topping producer/singer/songwriter and Maroon 5 member, PJ Morton. Despite the release receiving rave reviews, to date, the CD has failed to even sell 15k units.

According to insiders, Bullock was never afforded the opportunity of a promotional tour to promote her new project due to continuous label issues and conflicts. At this exact same time, Music World was dealing with a very public lawsuit with Cathy Hughes’ network, TV One, which in turn, had TV One’s sister company, Radio One, ban all Music World artists from being played on their stations.

Bullock recently stated the she has not spoken to Knowles, who also happens to be her co-manager, in years. Despite several attempts at calling his office, texting and calling his personal number, Bullock states, “I can’t remember the last time we’ve talked.” Bullock recalls the last real time she spotted Mathew, was at the 2013 Stellar Awards with almost no interaction with any of the label’s roster. It has also been rumored that the Music World offices are completely empty and there is not staff on hand at all.

Bullock is said to be frustrated, hurt and at a complete loss of what to do or how to go about salvaging her once budding career. Most recently, many have steered clear of even wanting to work with Bullock or even feature her on anything, despite being one of the most talented female artists in Gospel, because of her association with Music World and Mathew Knowles.

Unfortunately, this story is all too familiar concerning the Music World Gospel roster. The first to make their exit was Grammy nominated duo, Trin-i-tee 5:7. Gospel crooner, Bryan Courtney Wilson followed suit after a year of litigation with Knowles. Lastly, was Grammy winning powerhouse, Le’Andria Johnson, who publicly voiced her frustration via social media about their tempestuous relationship.

Fortunately for these artists, they have all went on to sign new deals with the hopes of a brand new start.

The artists still left in limbo are Alexis Spight, Joshua Rogers, Andrea Helms who still has not released a second project, and of course, Amber Bullock.

Hopefully, this situation will be resolved quickly so Amber can get back what she was born to do, which is sing and tell the message of God’s goodness!

Stay tuned as the details unfold.