Most of us remember Dontavies Boatwright, who commanded our attention during the second season of Bet’s hit reality singing competition “Sunday Best”, as the silky smooth Baritone with a classical touch that set him apart from everyone.  But he is more than a singer.  I call him a scholar too. Why, you ask?? Well, at the young age of 31, Dontavies has already received his doctorate in Religious Philosophy in Theology. I’d say that’s pretty impressive. Ladies…he’s single too! He can sing you down and stimulate your mind. (lol) I hope I didn’t just open the floodgates?!?

What made you try out for Season 2 of Sunday Best?

I was inspired by the winner of season 1, Crystal Aikin. I was flipping through the channels and saw Crystal singing and she captured me.

Were you surprised you made it as far as you did in the competition?

There were so many great singers I really didn’t think I would get that far. During the audition process the line was long and you had people standing around singing, who were amazing. I first auditioned online and one of the questions was, “Why should you be on Sunday Best?” I said, “Because there’s never been a Dontavies Boatwright.” I didn’t do a lot of runs and I stayed true to my musical voice. I believe that’s what sent a lot of people home. They were trying to outdo the next person because it can be intimidating. I believe you must be yourself and be confident in your ability. Stay true to what makes you different.

Did you find it interesting there were no guys in the final 3?

I was surprised because when the top 10 were chosen, there were more guys than females. There were 6 guys and 4 ladies. I was surprised no men made it. But I feel ok about it. There is a mutual respect among all of us, so we were all happy for anyone who made it to the next round. I was so excited for Jessica, Latice and A’Yanna. It was like seeing my sisters there. But make no mistake I wanted to be there!

Do you think the ladies had something the guys didn’t have?

It’s kind of comparing apples and oranges. At that level everyone brought something different to the table. Our styles were so different.

Now that the show has been over for a minute, what have you been focusing your time on?

My focus is to put out an album out. Whether it be independent or on a major label, I want it to be me. If I can get signed and still maintain my authenticity then great, if not then I’ll go independent. I don’t want my image to change or my delivery. I’m a Baritone which sets me apart because in the Gospel industry everyone is a tenor. I bring classical training but I still do the vocal acrobatics like the best of them.

Did being on a national TV show provide you with all the opportunities you thought it would?

Well there was not a plethora of record companies waiting for me once I got off the show. But I was able to be showcased on a huge platform, which many people don’t get. And since the show I’ve had artists that I admire and love like and Kurt Carr verbally express that they really enjoyed me. It’s been incredible and humbling. But, I have to grind it out just like the next artist trying to get on. This is my bread and butter now, so I’m determined to make this work and be successful. I am just trying to educate myself now by reading books on royalties, distribution and management.

Besides your album are you involved in any other projects?

I am a licensed minister. I am on the board of directors and music ministry at my church.  And I’m in the process of writing a book. So, I’m trying to stay as busy as possible.


  1. Favorite meal of the day? Breakfast.
  2. Favorite Michael Jackson song? “You Are Not Alone.”
  3. What movie made you cry? “A Walk to Remember.”
  4. Ted & Sheri, Bebe & CeCe, Anointed or Mary Mary? Ted& Sheri.
  5. Mac or PC? PC.