I won’t start this feature off with the usual CRICKETS and “Journey to Cricketville” opening credits because this foursome released a very strong debut CD, but virtually vanished after it was released.

NuJoi hit the scene in July of ’95 with their self-titled debut. Hmmm…thinking back I was a junior in high school in ‘95. LORD JESUS I’m getting old! Anyhooo…if my memory serves me correctly I think most of us were still rocking to our Witness CD’s. Witness was really the only female group that was releasing albums on a somewhat consistent basis. So when I got turned on to NuJoi, it was a breath of fresh air. Their contemporary urban sound was kind of nonexistent at that time. If they came out now they would probably do very well. But again after the album dropped…CRICKETS! They were never heard from again.

This past year I read something about one of the girls working on a solo project, but I haven’t heard anything else about her since.

I would recommend that some of you check it out, but to be honest some of the tracks I know will probably sound a little dated at this point. So with that in mind listen or purchase at your own risk. But back in the day,NuJoi was in heavy rotation!

*** “Unto the Lord” by Nu Joi playing on Da Truth Tunes right now!! Check it out!