The Stellar Awards are back in the news again and it’s not for the epic performances from this past weekend, or the slew of celebrities that walked the red carpet, or even for Tamela Mann and Travis Greene sweeping the Stellars; but apparently the Quartet community was so egregiously offended, that it sparked a public outcry for an official apology from The Stellar Awards organization and IT WORKED!

On Friday evening, March 24th, during the live stream broadcast of the Stellar Awards pre show, while the Quartet presentation was being presented, the two co-hosts proceeded to make jokes as the category and the nominees were being announced. The sarcasm and sneering continued, literally, up until the winner was announced. As Keith “Wonderboy” Johnson gave his acceptance speech, it was glaringly obvious that the incivility bothered him.

Then on March 26th, Harold Turrentine, son of celebrated Gospel artist, Evelyn Turrentine- Agee, who is also dubbed “Queen of Quartet,” took to Facebook live to air out all his feelings and he didn’t hold anything back in his 1hr and 52min broadcast! You can find the entire video on Facebook and make your own judgement call on what was expressed.

The co-hosts later retorted that they were just joking and that everyone was “in their feelings.”

We here at DGT aren’t going to go into the semantics of who’s right or wrong, but what we will say is, by the time the winner was announced there was NOTHING prestigious about excepting that award.

Lastly, if you give comedians material, it is like adding gasoline to a small brush fire; there’s no stopping it. And the production staff, unfortunately, gave the comedians a whole can of gasoline when the music was not even cued up as the nominees were being announced. So again it goes back to our open letter we penned to the Stellar Awards and gave even more credence to why we wrote it.

But, hey at least the Quartet community received a response by way of a public apology, we haven’t received so much as a snide remark as in, “Da Gospel Truth…what is that??” lol

If you have not read our open letter to the Stellars click HERE

Read Don Jackson’s official statement on behalf of the management staff of the Stellar Awards:

“We fully understand why you were offended with how the Quartets were discussed. Although the hosts were trying to insert humor, it was distasteful and should not have happened. Please accept our apology for the mishandling of the Quartet category. We apologize to all the nominees (#DaChozenBrothaz, #ShawnJonesandtheBelievers and #LilJayandtheSpiritualBoys), the winner (#KeithWonderboyJohnson) and all of the fans and audience in attendance. We will be sensitive to this in the future as the #Quartets are part of the foundation of Gospel music and should be referenced and appreciated as such.Thank you for taking the time to share your feeling with us. – Donald Jackson & Erma Davis (Stellar Awards Management).”