So we haven’t made this journey to CRICKETVILLE in years it seems like, but we’re picking up right where we left off!

I’m sure many of you remember the 4some known as, RAMIYAH. The production team of PAJAM assembled the group, after auditioning hundreds of girls.

Hailing from Detroit, MI, RAMIYAH consisted of Stephanie Bonner, Tracy Bryant, DeLaurian Burton, and Sherise Staten. In 2003, RAMIYAH released their self-titled debut project on Columbia Records to moderate success. The single “Waiting” made a note-worthy showing on the Gospel charts, but after that it was pretty much CRICKETS!

If I’m being honest, the girls were voices were JUST OK, especially noting the type of talent Detroit is known for i.e. The Winans and The Clark Sisters. But they were pretty and marketable and the production was good, so that is what got them over! Also it didn’t hurt that they had guest features from Karen Clark Sheard, Dorinda Clark Cole and Kierra Sheard all one song!

After that RAMIYAH pretty much faded into the dust. And I honestly don’t know what happened to them after that. I heard a few years ago that one of the members was working on a solo project, but that was never confirmed or substantiated.

But if any of you have information on their whereabouts or what happened to them, HIT UP YOUR BOY! Until our next journey to CRICKETVILLE, I’M OUT!