1. I know I sound like a broken record, but isn’t it time for BET to get some new inspirational/gospel programming. I think it’s time for me to put my producer hat back on. Maybe if I say it enough, they’ll listen!
  2. Aren’t you guys concerned about 2012 releases? Most of the good artists came out this year.
  3. Aren’t you tired of these events that have so many artists on one bill that you either leave before it’s over or you shut down the live feed on your computer? CRICKETS to overkill!
  4. What happened to Latice Crawford from Sunday Best? Anyone…anyone…
  5. And while I’m on the subject, what happened to Shari Addison? Anyone?  She hasn’t been seen or heard from since she was on the Stellars with her arm in a sling! Hope she’s ok!?
  6. Artists, managers, label executives, etc., please get this… 7 songs is too short and 15 or more is too many! A solid 12 is enough! And if you just have to throw in a bonus track, then fine. BUT NO MORE!
  7. ATTENTION ATTENTION ALL GOSPEL ARTISTS WHO WANT TO ACT…please take at least 1 acting class or maybe 8. Just because you can act on stage during your concert does not mean it translates to the big  screen! It’s just a suggestion.
  8. Is this going to become a trend…Gospel artists writing and producing their own material or letting a close family member do everything. PLEASE STOP IT! This is your career.
  9. Won’t twitter make you think that most Gospel artists are selling lots of units and so many people are loving their CD? I’ve been fooled too, but the numbers don’t lie! It just may not be your best work to date as you say.
  10. If I get one more e-mail blast about a Stellar nominee I’ve NEVER HEARD OF?!!? Am I the only that thinks something is wrong with this??
  11. Dear Verity records I’m having de ja vu…didn’t we deal with this same album cover issue with Crystal Aikin and Shari Addison. Now we have the same problem with Richard Smallwood and Donald Lawrence!??!