Our next “Journey To Cricketville” has us stopping by the pop culture machine known as “American Idol Season 1” where we were introduced to RJ Helton.

RJ Helton was fortunate enough to become a top 5 finalist going against an unknown by the name of Kelly Clarkson. RJ was booted before he got the chance to claim the top spot of “American Idol Season 1,” but as we’ve seen time and time again, getting eliminated doesn’t always mean you lose!

After “American Idol” went on to find a whole new crop of potential hopefuls, RJ Helton signed with Gospocentric Records and in March of ‘04 released his debut Christian album “Real Life,” which went on to sell about 20,000 copies.

Almost two years later, Helton confessed to the world that he was gay and no longer wanted to hide in the closet. And after that it was pretty much CRICKETS! And I’m sure you can guess why. I think before he “came out” his album was getting CRICKETS, but that just signed, sealed and delivered it!