I’ve been noticing a pattern lately. It seems like EMI is very good about giving new artists a chance, which is great. But, I’ve also noticed that a lot of their artists never get to record a second album with the label. This Canadian Gospel songstress, Sharon Riley & Faith Chorale hit the scene in the late 90’s with the debut project “Life Is.” Honestly I haven’t listened to this CD in YEARRRRRRRRRRRRSSSSSSSSSS, but from what I remember it was not bad. For Sharon being a new artist at the time, the producer roster was not bad at all with Roger Ryan producing the bulk of the album, along with Sanchez Harley and Fred Hammond offering a track or two respectively.  On one of my favorite songs, “Get to Know Him,” I discovered that another EMI one album wonder, Londa Larmond was the featured vocalist and part of the chorale. Also, another male gospel artist that has gone on to make a small presence on the gospel scene, Sean Simmonds was part of the Riley Chorale. Interestingly enough, even though Sean was never signed to EMI, he’s the only one out that went on to release a second project. As the story goes, after the release of Sharon’s debut CD, I think you know what’s next! CRICKETS! Yep that was it. I really never heard anything about Sharon Riley & Faith Chorale after that. Although recently in the last couple of years, new photos of the group have surfaced and they were featured on Sean Simmonds’ second project, but still no new music from Sharon. Well, I know that Sharon is alive and well because I follow her on Twitter. So SHAROOOOOOOOOOONNNN, holla at your boy!! I would love to know what you’ve been up to and what’s been going on since hmmm…’98! By the way check out this project.  As I’m typing this I’m listening to this CD and there are some songs I still really like!STANDOUT CUTS: “Get to Know Him,” “Moment of Praise,” and “How You Came to Love Me.”

P.S. I think Sharon is a graduate of Oakwood University, which is the same university that has a hot compilation CD on iTunes that I did a feature on awhile back. If you missed it check it