Now in its sixth season, Sunday Best has exposed the world to some of the greatest Gospel talent seen in years. As this new season comes to an end, a new crop of budding young artists have become favorites among millions of viewers making it another entertaining year of singing!

19-year old, Chicago native, Tyler Little, slid his way into the prestigious top 4 with is laid back, cool demeanor and old school vocals, positioning him as a frontrunner. Although eliminated before making it to the top spot, Little made a lasting impression!

Recently, we sat down with Tyler to find out what his time was like on Sunday Best and what’s next for the singer!


Was trying out for Sunday Best always something you wanted to do?

Actually, it was my grandmother who was very adamant about me auditioning for some reason. I would always watch the show with her and she used to tell me I could win. She said, “you can sing better than them!” (lol) I would just watch to see who was the next up and coming gospel artist. It was entertainment to me. But my grandmother saw something in me that I didn’t see in myself. She passed a little over a year ago, so she didn’t get to see me on the show, but I went and God just opened the door.  I wasn’t expecting to get that far. Honestly, I was expecting to audition and get sent home. But obviously God had another plan. I was fine being local at the time.

So at only 19 years old, do you feel like you were prepared for the show?

It was definitely more than what I thought it was going to be. There is a whole lot that goes into a show, production wise. A lot of things I didn’t even think about. Being on Sunday Best is hard work!

Mentally, I felt like I was focused, but vocally I wasn’t at my best. I was a little under the weather during the tapings, but I pushed through and God allowed me to make it in the top 4!

Did you read the comments, good and bad, on the social media networks?

I read ALL the comments…for comedy sake though! People are hilarious! But I appreciate everyone that supported me. I heard a lot of great feedback and comments. And yes, there were negative comments too, but that’s to be expected. But yeah I read it all.

Did you ever agree with any of the negative comments you read?

I came across one negative comment that I agreed with. (lol) And it was from a family member. Something my grandmother used to tell me that I lost site of during the show, was that if I could somehow perform like the cameras weren’t there, I’d be good.  Forget the concept of it being a TV show and a competition and just sing like I was back at church or singing for my grandmother. My last two performances I think I applied that and I was more relaxed and loose.

What performance of yours, were you disappointed with?

There were actually two that I wasn’t happy with. My first week when I sang, “I Need Your Glory.”  And the other was “He Has His Hands On You.” I was not pleased at all! It’s by the grace of God that people had a positive response, but me per say, I wasn’t happy at all.

I heard that while you were preparing for one of the tapings, you had to switch your song at the last minute.

Yes, that definitely happened. We had come up with this awesome arrangement of “I Know The Lord Will Make A Way.” It was old school…The Caravans’ version. I really wanted to sing that song because that was a song my dad used to do. I wanted to pay homage to him in a way. We got it together and it was tight. Then the producers came and told me I couldn’t do that song because it wasn’t cleared. So then I had to sing “Jesus Is Real” at the last minute. So, I rehearsed that all day and got comfortable with it. Then they came back on tape day and told me that now I could do “The Lord Will Make A Way.” I was like I’m going to stick with the new song because I knew if I switched back, that was going to be my ticket home! (lol) But it all happened the way it did for a reason.

Who do you want to win, Tasha or Kefia?

I love both of them. They are both my sisters. But if I had to say as far as winning, I would have to give it to Kefia. Tasha is powerful and anointed, but there is no one like Kefia on the market right now.

 Are you single?

No I’m not. You know how they say, “you’re your worst critic.” She’s actually my hardest critic! (lol) But it’s only to make me better. She would tell me if I cracked or something didn’t sound right. She’s been very helpful throughout this whole process. Yeah that’s my Sugarfoot! (LOL)

Do you have siblings?

I’m the baby of the family. I have two older sisters and an older brother. I grew up on the Westside of Chicago, actually just Chicago in general.

So since you’ve been eliminated, have you been working on music?

My new single is going to drop in the first quarter of 2014 and it’s called “Amen.” I think people are really going to love it. I’m excited about it!

Who are some people you would like to work with in the future?

I love worship and I love to have church, so I’ve been a fan of artists like; Lisa Knowles, Sean Tillery and James Hall. I have a long, long list of people I want to work with though because I’ve been a fan of so many artists for so a long time.



  1. Favorite movie? “Stepbrothers.”
  2. Pick your favorite. Marvin Sapp, Jason Nelson or John P. Kee? John P. Kee.
  3. Favorite restaurant? Olive Garden.
  4. Morning or night person? Night.
  5. One pet peeve? Bad breath! Brush your teeth!
  6. Can you swim? Not well.
  7. Are you afraid of heights? No.
  8. Favorite Sunday Best winner? Joshua Rogers.
  9. Worst subject in high school? Trigonometry.
  10. Beyonce or Gabrielle Union? Beyonce.

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