Review by: Kristin Gregory @kiwirenee on Twitter

Take 6 is back again with their well blended harmonies. One returns the male sextet to its gospel roots after their last project, The Standard, which offered some of the best and most classic from the jazz canon. Singing together since their college days, these guys have their signature solid blend and intricate arrangements licked!

“Down Here I’ve Done My Best” has a spiritual feel. With their jazzy sound and thick, complex harmonies, this one is complete with the walking human bass line, scatting riffs, and spot on lead vocals.

“One,” the title track, is equal parts, down home and cheeky. With all of its fun musical quotes and clever word plays, the message of one Savior and a one-time sacrifice for us all, is the one overarching theme.

“Can’t Imagine Love Without You” features the legendary, Stevie Wonder. It’s nice to see a group that has everything in house, but appreciates having elite company over!

There’s a mixture of well-loved traditional music on this one. “Glorious Day” is straight up hand clappin’ and tambourine leg tappin’ that just feels good. “You’re Gonna Need Him” is testimony service churchy and “Farther Along” is their take on a beloved hymn of the church. There’s a lush, full rendition of “What A Friend We Have in Jesus” on this one, as well as a funky version of the customary “In My Heart.”  

Fans of Take 6 will be familiar with their way of bringing Biblical personalities and stories to life with “Noah” as they have with “David and Goliath,” “Sundays On The Way” and others. With a bit of humor, they depict these biblical accounts in way that brings them to life again.

It’s not all a capella, but the instrumental music only adds to what this dynamic group offers vocally.  If I had any criticism, it would be this offering is somewhat predictable. But, when it’s predictable greatness, that’s hard to pick apart. I mean, let’s keep it real. Point blank, Take 6 is the standard for a cappella groups in our day and time. They have Grammy, Dove, Soul Train, and NAACP Image Awards for a reason and it’s because they’re the best to do what they do. I’m all for embracing our new talent, but let’s not forsake the tried and true brilliance of veterans like Take 6. So, I can’t even give this one a full CRICKET. So only 1/2 CRICKET! Just for the simple fact that it’s the usual fanfare, but I still consider it more worthwhile study on harmonies and blend and great music to enjoy. So, don’t choose to do without this “One!”