It’s true when they say everyone has a story!

Tasha Lockhart is a wife, mother of two, a preacher’s kid and the daughter of two legends in the Gospel industry, Michael & Lisa Page Brooks. You would think she probably had it pretty easy, huh? Well…this story takes a slightly different turn!

Tasha Lockhart’s life reads more like that of a troubled teen who was spiraling down the path of destruction and possibly death. But the most redeeming part of the whole story is to see the woman she is today… God-fearing, sold-out and on fire to tell everyone about the God she serves.

When did you realize your mother was different than other moms?

I noticed around the time I was going into the 9th grade because that’s when my mom married my stepfather (Michael Brooks of Commissioned). They started taking me around to different places and everyone was always taking pictures of her and that’s when I knew. I always knew she was special though.

Did you always want to be a singer?

Music wasn’t my main priority, but I always sang. I actually wanted to be a basketball player. I had college scouts looking at me. I was really good. But I got pregnant my senior year and after that everything just kind of stopped. It set me back.

So you were a teen mother. How old were you when you had your first child?

I was 17 when I got pregnant and I had my son when I was 18.

Why did you get pregnant so young?

Well, I was molested at a young age and I know that had an effect on how I handled myself as I got older. I started getting the wrong kind of attention from men and I was carrying myself like I was a grown woman. I was just out in the streets smoking weed, drinking, having sex….it was not good. I love my son to death, but of course I wish I would have waited. His father is still in the picture, but we’ve come to an understanding that outside of our son we don’t have anything else to talk about.

Did your parents know how you were living?

We weren’t getting along at the time. My parents always wanted me to follow in their footsteps and it’s a lot of pressure when you’re a P.K. You’re still trying to find out who you are in God and your own path. And then you have the whole church watching your every move. At that time my parents had just divorced and then my mother married Michael, so it was hard being thrust into everything and having to deal with a life you didn’t choose.

Do you blame your parents for some of the choices you made?

Not at all! Nothing that I’ve done is a reflection of my mother and how she raised me. I never saw her drink, dance or curse. I’ve always seen true holiness in her.

How did you handle losing the chance of ever a being a professional basketball player?

I was devastated. My dream was to play in the WNBA. So, ultimately singing became my fallback. In the long run, I became bitter towards singing because I felt like I had no other option. When I joined Witness for “The Appointed Time” project, I didn’t want to do it. My parents asked me to do it and I was living in their house with my son and not working, so how could I say no. That caused even more problems because my heart wasn’t in it and it showed. I was singing to make a dollar! Sometimes I wouldn’t show up to the airport or purposely miss interviews because I just didn’t want to be there. I didn’t want to play games with God because I knew I wasn’t ready.

How did this affect your relationship with your parents?

It caused a great strain. I wasn’t coming to church or anything. But one thing I did was I always communicated with my mom even when I was in the wrong. She always kept an open line of communication no matter what I did. When I was singing in Witness I literally saw so much MESS in the Gospel industry it made me not even want to sing Gospel. I had heard stories, but when I saw it in my face, I was crushed. All the artists I looked up to were fake and living a lie. It was all fantasy. That added a whole new dimension to the bitterness I was feeling. And that’s when I went all the way to the left.

How bad did it get?

I was really on my way up in the music industry. I started working with Mario Winans and had a publishing deal and was getting offers from different labels. I did some stuff with Brandy, Whitney Houston, Mario, etc. But I’ll just say this: when you’re outside of the will of God and you’re working with different artists and producers who are so messed up and screwed up you take on exactly what they’re going through and doing! I would perform at different clubs and I would be high as a kite on ecstasy. I was smoking weed, snorting cocaine, drinking and getting high almost every single day. I had lost about 65lbs. because I wasn’t eating. I was just getting high. That’s what that environment and the people I was around did to me. But people would come up to me and tell me that when I started singing they could see God in me and it made them put down their drink. One time a lady came up to me and told me she was planning to commit suicide and after she heard me sing she changed her mind. I wasn’t even singing Gospel at the time but in spite of how messed up and high I was, God was still using me.

How did you get out?

One day I just woke up and said this is enough. I prayed for God to deliver me and He did. That’s why at this point in my life I’m very serious about God and my music. I WILL NEVER SING R&B MUSIC AGAIN! When you have been where I’ve been and done the things that I’ve done, all for the sake of “good R&B music,” God is nowhere in that. That’s why I die daily to God!

So do you think you can sing R&B and sing Gospel music?

I do think there is a market for love songs when you’re married. But I don’t care how many songs you write or sing, the question is how are you glorifying God? How many souls are you winning or are you on your way to hell? Artists have to get out of this fantasy world and know what God’s assignment is for you. The church is trying to conform to what the world is doing and it should be the other way around.

You and Kierra Sheard are both from Detroit. Are you two friends?

Yes we’re really good friends. I love Kierra. The sad part is, is that people here in Detroit try to pit us against each other, like it’s a competition. But it’s not at all. She called me to come do Praise & Worship at her church not too long ago. We’re very supportive of each other.

How is your sound different than your mom’s?

I think I have a completely different sound than my mom. There are similarities in our voices, but musically I have a younger feel to my CD. I’m always proud to say who my parents are and a lot of doors are opened because of them, but I want people to know me for me.