1. Gospel radio to get a clue…force feeding us & rotating 8 to 10 songs for 6 months to a year so we have no choice but to like it, is not where it’s at!! And stop saying it doesn’t fit your format…it’s Gospel music. It’s not like we have a variety of stations like other genres of music.

2. Commissioned to do a reunion tour or possibly a one night only concert for a special TV taping.

3. Mary Mary to start working on another album.

4. 80% of artists to stop using the same producers & writers…makes your albums boring. And also, if you’re not a songwriter, don’t try to write on your album…we can tell it’s not your forte.

5. Yolanda Adams to give us a new album BUT with the goal in mind to give us classic Yolanda like from the 90’s and the Mountain High Valley Low days.

6. Virtue to do a Christmas CD…long overdue.

7. Gospel programming, award shows, voting processes, etc. to step into the 21st century & get more creative. The world is so advanced, yet we’re still antiquated.

8. Indie artists to have a real shot at radio airplay without paying these astronomical prices to hire someone and then still have radio never EVER play their music. They can’t afford payola…

9. For artists to stick with the type of music we fell in love with you for from the beginning. Be creative on your free mixtape that you upload to Soundcloud. But for purchase, we’d like good music.

10. Stop saying you bought it and you support your fellow artists. Just don’t say anything. Numbers don’t lie…well actually they do…but most of us know the truth when we see the charts.

11. For artists to stop acting so GRAND & DEMANDING the world but blaming it on your team when we know it’s really you behind the scenes pulling the strings and acting a fool. Especially when you’ve only been out for 5 seconds or on your way out & most of the public doesn’t even know your music.

12. To see different artists on tour. If we’ve seen the same artists for the past 5 to 6 years but with a different tour name and you only rotate out one or two artists on the bill…that’s LATE!

13. Labels to start signing artists we care about that have real ministries & great music that the world needs to be exposed to.

14. The more established artists to start taking younger or newer artists under their wing and giving them a platform so the industry can keep growing and evolving. You’ll still have your spot. It’s ok to share the spotlight.

15. Stop asking for 5k to 10k to sing 2 to 3 songs to a TRACK and then you reprise one song so long you don’t even do your 3rd because your time is up. We’re on to that game too.

16. Stop TAKING people’s money if you really aren’t gonna do anything for their career. Have some integrity and just say no I can’t do anything for you or politely decline your services.

17. For artists not to be so super deep on stage, but won’t speak to you offstage or even smile if someone sees you out. It takes nothing to say hello or be nice to someone who supports YOUR career. Stank attitudes aren’t really becoming. Be happy someone knows who you are. It’s not a given.

18. A Daryl Coley tribute album BUT only if it’s done the right way, with the right artists and the right songs that people know and love.

19. Stop commenting on everything. Everything doesn’t require your opinion or response. We see you…just stick to the music sometimes. A lot of us know the same people & have close relationships as well. You’re not the only one.