Crickets, Crickets and more CRICKETS! Ok, now let’s begin our usual journey to “Cricketville!”

This U.K. based female Gospel quintet hit the scene over 10 years ago with their debut release on Atlantic records entitled “A New Beginning.” The ladies of True Solace looked like they had all the ingredients to make a pretty decent splash on the Gospel scene, but it just didn’t happen.

I still don’t know how I even have their CD. I’m sure someone must have given it to me. Well folks this portion of Da Gospel Truth is getting shorter and shorter because I really don’t have much to say about them. They had one song that I really liked on the CD which was track #1 “Heaven’s Glory.” But other than that I remember this CD getting what everyone…yep you guessed it, CRICKETS!


I have no idea what happened to them after their debut. My educated guess is they probably broke up! If anyone has any information on the ladies, I’d actually be kind of interested to know what happened! That’s it! Stay tuned for our next exploration to “Cricketville.” (LOL)