Last time we met our “Journey to Cricketville” stopped by a machine known as American Idol. Well as luck would have it, it didn’t take us long to reach our next destination at EMI Gospel. And there is we found or actually didn’t find the ladies of V3.


The sister trio that made up V3, was comprised of Shelley, Sacha and Latoya Vinson. Their urban driven, debut CD, was released in August of 2006.  The ladies were poised to take the Gospel community by storm with their Black “barbie dollimage and sweet, breathy, simplistic harmonies.  But as we’ve seen time and time again sometimes it works and other times…ehhhh not so much!

I must say I actually kind of liked this CD. I liked at least half of the CD, which is saying a lot! Their single “Close To You” was almost identical to Bad Boy Records signee, one hit wonder, Cheri Dennis’ song “I Love You.” I always wondered about that?!?! And if my memory serves me correct I think they released a remix CD too. Now if I’m right about the remix CD, my question is, if the album didn’t sell in the first place, what was the point of a remix CD?!! I’m just asking that’s all!

Anyway, you guys know how the story ends by now. We haven’t heard from the sisters since and I don’t even think they are signed to EMI anymore. So basically they’ve been getting CRICKETS since about ’07.  If anyone knows their whereabouts holla atcha boy!! I really would like to talk to them!!