Woody Rock went from Dru Hill to Gospel, to re-joining Dru Hill, to leaving Dru Hill AGAIN to go back to Gospel. I’m not judging the man at all, but I don’t know how much longer I’m going to be able to keep up.

In between ALL that running back and forth surprisingly he actually found time to record his first and only Gospel release on Gospocentric Records called “Soul Music” in 2002. His debut had moderate success, but I don’t know how much the Gospel community really embraced this album. I remember this album having some good moments. I mean how could it not, with all the guest features from artists like; Mary Mary, Men of Standard, BB Jay, Dru Hill, Case, Natalie Wilson & SOP, Gospel Gangstaz and Ruff Endz. Basically, there was a guest spot on almost every track. I can’t knock him for that, though. If you’re going to merge the two genres together to get the buying public to give you a fighting chance, that is the way to do it. But after this debut release, we never heard from Woody Rock again, on the Gospel scene that is. CRICKETS!!! I hear them, don’t you??!?!?

In early 2008, the original members of Dru Hill reunited and during a radio interview with WERQ in Baltimore, an argument erupted when Woody Rock announced he was leaving the group again to go where? You guessed it, GOSPEL! In what some people say was a staged uprising, after lead member Sisqo walked out, the other 3 remaining members got into a verbal altercation. So folks, there you have it!! If anyone out there knows where Woody Rock is or what he’s up to…HOLLA AT YOUR BOY!!